Attention mid-lifers and seniors:

Getting older does NOT = losing your memory!

Surprised? Keep Reading.
Do any of these thoughts sound familiar to you?
  • Where are my keys?
  • ​What was the name of that woman I met earlier?
  • ​What did I come to the fridge for?
  • Did I take my meds today?
  • What did I just read?
Can you imagine how it would feel if you were totally confident in your ability to remember everything that was important to you?
Instead of saying “I’m bad at remembering names”
you would say “I know exactly what to do to remember her name.
Instead of saying "What if I’m getting dementia?"
you know how to calm yourself down and say positive affirmations that help you recall better
Instead of saying “It’s on the tip of my tongue”
you would have techniques for recalling
Instead of feeling frustrated by your forgetfulness
you would have easy techniques to remember if you turned off the stove, locked the door, or misplaced your keys
Instead of feeling hopeless about your “inevitable” dementia and aging
you will know exactly what lifestyle changes to make to stave off dementia-like symptoms, i.e. the foods, hobbies, and exercise to do
Instead of wasting time and money by forgetting things like who owes you money, where you put your credit card, or completely losing track of appointments
you will be more efficient and resourceful
Instead of relying on your spouse or kids to remember things for you
you will be much more independent
Don't RETIRE your memory, REWIRE IT
Memory Matters
A 12 week memory-improvement course and coaching program that will transform your memory to one that is clear, strong, and ageless
This program will teach you to:

1. Remember names, numbers, and lists of items so that you can function better on a daily basis, be more efficient, and accomplish more

2. Prove to yourself and others that you have increased your memory power in a measurable way through pre and post tests

3. Focus better on important tasks so that you will be able to get more done

4. Feel confident in your ability to remember so that you don’t doubt yourself anymore

5. Understand the four pillars of brain health- diet, exercise,social stimulation and cognitive stimulation so that you can make meaningful lifestyle changes that will prevent dementia.

6. Stop worrying about your memory because you will have the tools you need to have a sharper memory

7. Recall well known info more easily so that you don’t have those “it’s on the tip of my tongue!” moments anymore

8. Understand how memory works and why you forget SO THAT you can take action steps to solve your forgetfulness

9. Feel empowered that you can do something to combat your dementia risk/decreased fear of dementia

10.Enhance your quality of life so that you can maintain independence and stay socially engaged.

11. Improve daily functioning because you won’t be wasting precious time due to forgetfulness

Are you ready to have a memory that works well for you and feel confident that you can remember anything that you want? 
12 weekly live online classes that include Q & A
(in a fun and dynamic way!)
On zoom, we will be able to see each other and interact virtually. We will be doing the exercises together. You will learn all about how memory works, ways to improve focus, memory techniques to remember names, numbers, and lists of items, and all the lifestyle factors that you can do to improve your brain health.
One private memory screening session with me
This will give you a concrete baseline and help you gauge if there is a more serious memory issue
Digital workbook with all the class notes and exercises
So that you can follow along and fill in the blanks as I teach. You will have all of the information at your fingertips to review whenever you want
lifetime access to the materials
The classes will be recorded in the event that you can't make it live and so that you can review it at your convenience
Facebook group for ongoing support and coaching
This will provide ongoing motivation, fun, and answers to any questions that come up during the week
12 training classes (with lifetime access!) - $997 value

Weekly group coaching (so you can get all of your questions answered) - $997 value 
60-minute private assessment - $249 value 

Facebook Group - $497 value

Digital workbook - $97 value

Total Value = ($2837)
Your Investment
(A never-Again Seen Price)
 = $497 
or 3 monthly payments of $185
Live Interview with Dr. Barry Dinner, MBCHB,ABAARM, Director of Be Young Clinic, Anti-Aging Expert - “Aging is Optional” (value:$197)
Use it or Lose it -my brain exercises packet of fun, challenging, variety of brain exercises (value: $97)
What makes Memory Matters different?
It is simple, fun, and doable, no complicated techniques. We practice it together until you get it. I don’t leave you alone to learn it, I teach it and practice it WITH you during the classes. 

It is geared for mid-lifers and seniors. I know your needs and goals. I know that you don’t need to remember 100 numbers after 3.14, but rather where you put your keys, the name of that lady, or whether you took your meds today or not.

It is LIVE. I will hold your hand throughout the process. It is not just a course, but a coaching program.I will be answering your questions in real time as they come up.

I offer a quick memory screening first. This is personalized so that I can ensure that you will get maximum benefit out of this program.

Meet Rena Yudkowsky
Your New Memory Coach
I’m a professional memory coach and geriatric social worker with more than twenty years of experience. I teach memory improvement courses to mid-lifers and seniors. I have done extensive research and understand the effect of the aging process on the brain. Whether you are a mid-lifer with slight memory concerns, a caregiver with a real fear of getting dementia, or a senior with serious memory lapses, I can coach you through a memory enhancement program that will be effective, fun, and transformative. With my techniques and guidance, you will be empowered to use your memory properly.

I started Memory Matters because I was fascinated by how memory works (or fails to work) based on my experience as the department head of an Alzheimer's unit in an upscale assisted living facility. Throughout two decades of working in varied settings for seniors, I have become passionate about helping improve their memory.

what everyone is saying about us
“Last week, I wanted to remember a new channel on YES that i was interested in. Normally I would have to search for that channel because I can't remember it. This time I used one of your suggestions to find a way to remember I haven't forgotten it even once. Really works, thanks”
-  Madeline Abraham
“I use your helpful tips every day. It really works! When I do the visual image technique, I remember what I need to every time!”
"Rena has taught me for life and given me the confidence to believe in my memory and the fact that memory can be re-established!”
My Memory Matters Guarantee
Everyone who has taken this course has been super excited with their improved focus, memory, and confidence.
This program is based on proven results, so I am 100% sure that you are going to love it.
However, I am still offering a guarantee.
Buy it, try it, apply it.
You’re backed by our 100% money back guarantee if you do not experience a meaningful improvement in your memory.
If you attend all the classes and feel you haven’t seen any results, you will receive a full refund within 14 days of completing the program.

1. If you want a professional assessment of your memory so that you can ensure you actually AREN’T suffering from early onset dementia

2. If you are ready to be coached through a great memory enhancement program so that you can have a clear, ageless, memory that really works for you

3. If you really want to improve your focus and memory so that you have simple, practical techniques to use

4. If you want to feel more confident in your memory so that you are not frustrated when you can’t find things

5. If you are worried about your memory so that you can feel calmer

6. If you want real, practical tools and strategies so that you can really remember what is important to you

7. If you want to feel empowered to ward off dementia so that you don’t have to worry anymore

8. If you want to be part of a supportive group working toward the same goal
1. If you already have been diagnosed with dementia. 
I’m sorry, this course is not designed for people who are suffering with dementia. However, I do offer 1:1 coaching to help people with dementia stimulate their brains to slow the process of decline. Book a call here.

2. If you don’t have any time to invest in your memory

3. It doesn’t bother you to be known in your family as the “absentminded uncle” or “forgetful grandma” 
1) If I can't make a class live, will it be recorded?
Yes, you will receive recordings and can listen to it at your convenience.
2) What if I have questions during the week?
We have a private Facebook group where you can post them and I will answer them.
3) Can my spouse join as well?
It is an excellent idea to do this course together with a spouse. I have taught several couples in my live classes and they work on their memory together. It has been so bonding and fun for them to support each other through it. However, if you both want to receive personalized assessments and get support and your questions answered throughout the program, you can pay the special couple’s rate.
4) Do you offer refunds if the course is not for me?
Yes, if you complete the whole course and are not satisfied, then I will refund you the money. But, you can schedule a free 15-minute call beforehand so we can discuss if this is for you, so that, once you start, I am very certain that you will love it!
5) I have other health conditions that might contribute to my memory loss, so is this course for me?
I’m happy to evaluate that on a case by case basis. I will not convince you to do this if it is not right for you. Feel free to email me
6) This seems like a big investment - why this price?
Being forgetful is costly. If you misplace your wallet, forget appointments, or forget who borrowed money from you, you pay a lot for this weakness. This course will actually SAVE you money.

In addition, I give hands-on coaching support throughout the program, and my current hourly rate for private consultation is $250. You’re actually getting this at a bargain!

Now is the time to do it.

7) Do you offer payment plans?
Yes, you can do three monthly payments of $185.
Now is the time! You owe it to yourself to allay those worries and empower yourself, your life, and your memory with HOPE that you can retain memory function and independence for many years to come!
Imagine how you would feel if in 12 weeks, you could:
Use one technique to remember your daughter's cell phone number?
Feel confident in knowing that your memory is strong
Use your memory properly to remember whatever is important to you
You would no longer be worried or embarrassed about your
“senior moments”
Use one technique to remember the names of the people that you met at a party
Join me now for this memory coaching program and feel the difference in the way you age!

At this point you have two choices:

Go on exactly as you have til now - forgetting names you’ve known for years, constantly misplacing your glasses (who’s tried to find their glasses without their glasses on?) and worrying about what your deteriorating memory means...


You can emerge from these 12 weeks as a more confident and independent you without the constant nagging thoughts of dementia dogging your footsteps every time you have a “senior moment”

You choose.

100% of my student feedback said that:
They found the course helpful and practical in daily life and improved their memory by the end of the course
They loved the engagement and “fun” aspect of the live classes
They would highly recommend the course to a friend
So, what are you waiting for?

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