How would you like to be able to remember the name of the woman you met today?

Or the man who fixed your stove?

Or the names of your friend’s grandchildren?
Introducing: You Name It!
In this two-part masterclass, you will learn:

~The simple and doable technique to remember names
~Practice with all the names of the people on zoom with us
~Practice with 12 strangers’ faces and names (you never thought you would be able to do this)

WARNING: This is a super fun and interactive workshop!

When? August 11th and 16th at 10:00 a.m. EST

How Much? Just $97

Will there be a replay? Yes! All students will receive lifetime access to the replay.

Join me to transform your relationships by being able to remember people’s names easily!

“I am so bad at names!” 

You will NOT be saying this anymore.
NO more excuses of why you can't recall someone’s name.
Meet Rena Yudkowsky
Your New Memory Coach
I’m a professional memory coach and geriatric social worker with more than twenty years of experience. I teach memory improvement courses to mid-lifers and seniors. I have done extensive research and understand the effect of the aging process on the brain. Whether you are a mid-lifer with slight memory concerns, a caregiver with a real fear of getting dementia, or a senior with serious memory lapses, I can coach you through a memory enhancement program that will be effective, fun, and transformative. With my techniques and guidance, you will be empowered to use your memory properly.

I started Memory Matters because I was fascinated by how memory works (or fails to work) based on my experience as the department head of an Alzheimer's unit in an upscale assisted living facility. Throughout two decades of working in varied settings for seniors, I have become passionate about helping improve their memory.

what everyone is saying about us
“Last week, I wanted to remember a new channel on YES that i was interested in. Normally I would have to search for that channel because I can't remember it. This time I used one of your suggestions to find a way to remember I haven't forgotten it even once. Really works, thanks”
-  Madeline Abraham
“I use your helpful tips every day. It really works! When I do the visual image technique, I remember what I need to every time!”
"Rena has taught me for life and given me the confidence to believe in my memory and the fact that memory can be re-established!”
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